Religious pendants are a great way to publically express your faith. You won’t have to say a word – just sit back and let your jewelry do the talking for you. The most commonly thought of religious necklaces are simple cross and Star of David pendants, however, there are many more than those to choose from.

With so many different options – some in sterling silver, some in white, standard and rose gold, others with diamond accents, you’ll no doubt be able to find just the right one to suit your style and your religion. 

Christian Symbols
A cross, whether made of gold or silver, or embellished with diamonds, is the standard symbol of many Christian religions. However, you can step outside the box and choose other important symbolization as well, most notably Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. There are several different versions of each available. Some of the most notable include Jesus with angel wings in a circle or a simple facial portrayal complete with long hair and a crown of thorns (made of your choice of three different colors of 14K gold and encrusted with pave diamonds.) The Virgin Mary options are simpler, as she is either depicted in a seated position, or with just her head, large halo and arms – in a position of prayer – all in rose, standard or white gold.

Jewish Symbols
The Chai symbol is a combination of two different Hebrew letters. It stands for the importance of life – something that you can show off with a white gold pendant fully encrusted with tiny diamonds. Another important Jewish symbol, as discussed above, is the Star of David. Options range from a seemingly simple Star of David coated in sparkly diamonds, or a combination of the Star and the Chai symbol. One particular standout looks like a basic sterling silver Star of David, until you look at the sides of it and notice the tiny oxidized filigree work. No matter how you’d like to profess your Jewish faith, there are plenty of pendants to choose from!

The Hamsa
The Hamsa is a symbol of many religions. In Christianity, it’s referred to as the Hand of Mary, while those who follow the Jewish religion call it the Hand of Miriam. In Islam, it’s the Hand of Fatima. There are as many different options of this pendant as there are meanings! The main depiction of it is the same: three fingers pointing downward with the thumb and pinky pointed slightly outward to form an almost-organic shape. Some pendants have an eye at the center, while others consist only of the hand-shape. Either way, you have you choice to colors, finishes and embellishments.

Ideally, a religious pendant goes with anything. These particular ones stand out, and work well with everything from work wear to casual outfits. You don’t need to be Madonna in order pull off a religious pendant and colorful track suit combination! In fact, as long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing, feel free to wear your religious pendant. There are no fashion related rules about self-expression.  

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Add Some Polish to Your Business Suit with a Man’s Gold Army Chain
Few things can add class to a suit and tie like a gold army chain. These chains come in various lengths and materials, most notably 10 karat and 14 karat gold. If you’ve been looking for the perfect thing to wear to work along with your wingtip shoes, your silk tie, and your gold cufflinks, then look no further! As you will see, army chains transcend their inspiration and can be worn at any time. 

 Why Are They Called Army Chains?
The style of an army chain is inspired by the chains that soldiers are issued to hold their dog tags. They consist of a series of balls (gold ones, in this case) attached to each other by a small bar. Like the ones for dog tags, they are sturdy, although the clasping mechanism is different – upscale gold army chains tend to come with lobster-style clasps, which are easier to fasten. While you could use one of these chains to hold your dog tags (or any type of pendant for that matter), they work well on their own, and add another dimension to your overall look.

Army Chains Can Be Worn on Any Occasion
Gold army chains are available in different styles, lengths and patterns, including those with crescent moons carved into them, making them very versatile. They are available in a number of different lengths, including 24 and 32 inches. Most army chains come in two different types of gold – 10 karat and 14 karat (both classic yellow gold) making it easy to match them to your tie clip, cufflinks and other accessories. While chains formerly were predominantly worn only by women, army chains lend an air of masculinity – mostly due to their origin and inspiration – making them the perfect thing to wear with your suit, tie, tuxedo or other “dressed to the nines” look, particularly if you choose one with engraved crescent moons on each bead.
Despite the elegance that goes along with an army chain, choosing one with a larger width, or “ball” size – 1.8 millimeters as opposed to 1.5 (the difference between 1/14th and 1/16th of an inch) – makes the entire chain less formal. You can wear these chains with everything from jeans and a blazer to casual chinos and a button down shirt. They add a little something extra to that classic preppy look.

Gold Army Chains Are Not Just For Men
Unlike other forms of jewelry that are delineated for just men or only women, some gold army chains can be worn by both genders. A long army chain makes the perfect accessory to hold a few gold pendants, some memorable dog tags (your own or those of a loved one) or anything else that you can think of.
 Men’s gold army chains are appropriate for many different occasions. They call attention to their wearer, and can command respect in the same way as a suit, tie and nice pair of shoes. Women can also pull off an army chain if they so choose, making these chains the ultimate accessory. 

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The watch that you choose to wear speaks volumes, sometimes even without you noticing it. The type of band, the size of the face, and the brand of the watch are all important when you’re trying to make that very important first impression. Because of this, your watch should be of good quality, and should be cared for properly. 

There are several different types of quality watches on the market. These include manual watches, which need to be wound in order for them to keep proper time; self-winding watches, which use gravity and arm movements to keep them wound; automatic watches, which use a quartz movement; and solar watches, which, as the name implies, require a certain amount of daylight in order to work properly. Most high-end watches fall into the self-winding and automatic categories, which is why they – and in turn, you – can benefit from a watch winder.

Watch Winder Basics
An Orbita watch winder takes care of your watch while you aren’t wearing it. A watch winder has a tiny mechanism that keeps the attached watch moving in a small lateral circle, as if it were on your wrist. This keeps the quartz movement of your watches, or its self-winding mechanism, constantly in motion and in peak form. If you allow your quality watches to sit unused for long periods of time, their mechanical innards can atrophy, and the lubricant that keeps all of those tiny pieces moving can congeal. In short, you’ll be left with a watch that doesn’t keep very good time or one that doesn’t work at all. 

Types of Watch Winders
When you go to purchase a watch winder, you’ll find that there are several different types to choose from. Some are battery powered, while others have a small cord that plugs into a wall socket. When deciding between these two different types, keep in mind the place that you’d like to keep your watch winder. Is there an electric socket nearby, or will you need to use an extension cord? If the answer is the latter, you might be better off with a battery powered model.
Size matters as well. While most Orbita watch winders are designed for nearly universal use, as far as watches are concerned, take the time (no pun intended) to ensure that your watches are compatible with it. You might also need a watch winder that can care for more than one watch at a time. In this case, you’ll need to find one that not only fits the d├ęcor in your bedroom, but that can wind two or more watches at once. 

 Watch Winders and Cases
The style of watch winder that you choose is just as important as the watch itself. Some winders have a built in case or drawer that pulls open or slides out, allowing you to store your watches in a dust-free place when they are not in use.
 As you can see, a watch winder is very important, especially when you have a series of quality watches that you wear on a regular basis. You’ll need one in order to keep your watches working properly. is an official retailer of Orbita watch winders and accessories. Please check our great selection of the latest Orbita products! 

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