A good quality watch needs to be well taken care of. This is why watch winders and watch cases are so important. You wouldn’t store your Mercedes in a cave, would you? Of course not – a car like that deserves to be in a garage, protected from the elements when it’s not in use. The same is true for watches. A designer watch needs to be stored in a watch winder or a watch case, not in a drawer or cardboard box; it should be kept in a Volta case.

About Volta
Volta put their 125-plus years of experience to work in every watch case and watch winder that they design. The company “was created for the everyday watch enthusiast, by an everyday watch enthusiast.” This means that they pair sophistication with practicality, and help you keep your watches in excellent condition.

Volta Watch Winders
A watch winder is like a case, only better, because the winders help your automatic (also known as self-winding) watches keep proper time when you aren’t wearing them. These particular models of watches wind themselves as you wear them – the motions that you make with your arms while you walk, talk or type keep the watch wound. A winder copies theses motions due to the tiny motors embedded in them.
Volta watch winders come in many different sizes and styles. Some only hold one or two watches, making them easy to take with you when traveling, while others hold a whopping 32 and come complete with a floor stand. These winders are for the real enthusiasts!

Volta Watch Cases
Even if you don’t have an automatic watch, you can still store it in style. Volta watch cases have your choice of wood or carbon fiber exteriors paired with leather interiors, making them easy to match to your bedroom d├ęcor. Pairings include black carbon fiber and black leather, which provides a sleek, sophisticated look; ebony wood with black leather for a classic appearance; and lighter ebony wood with cream leather for a feminine vibe. Like the watch winders, the cases comes in different sizes, most commonly for 6, 8 or 10 watches. 

Volta watch winders and watch cases are designed with you – the watch enthusiast in mind. Stop storing your watch in an undeserving location. Instead, place it in a case of winder designed by Volta. You won’t regret it! 24diamonds.com is an authorized dealer of Volta cases & winders!

Some jewelry trends come and go, but one thing stays the same: classic silver jewelry. The best thing about silver is its affordability; even those who can’t afford to buy a nice ring or elaborate pendant made from platinum or gold, might still be able to get those same styles in silver for a better price. And, like gold and platinum, silver can be worn with anything!

About Silver
Silver is a precious metal that is found in the earth, in various countries throughout the world, although it is most abundant in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, China and Australia. It has been in use as jewelry, silverware and coinage for thousands of years. As proof of its popularity, the early Anglo-Saxon people had two different spellings of the word “silver”, and the ancient Romans used it by the ton to produce their coins. Yes – silver really is a classic metal!

Silver Bracelets for All Occasions

Although coins and other objects are still made of silver, one of its most fashionable configurations are that of silver bracelets. There are different styles to choose from, including charm bracelets, bangle style bracelets (popular because silver is malleable enough to be bent to fit just about wrist size), chain link bracelets that are similar to necklaces, and gemstone bracelets in which the stones are inset into the metal. With so many different styles, it’s no wonder that silver is so popular!

Simple Silver Rings and Earrings
Silver rings and earrings are available in many different styles. A dangle, or drop, style of earring works well with formal outfits, while a simple pair of jeweled studs with a silver base can be worn on both casual and formal occasions. As a bonus, some people who have sensitivities to different types of metal earrings usually do not have the same allergic reactions to silver.
Silver rings can be either elaborate or simple – the choice is yours. You can have one with many different gemstones, or with one single stone. They are also available with etched in patterns that have a vintage look. You really can’t go wrong with a silver ring!

Silver Pendants, Chains and Necklaces

A silver chain can be worn with just about anything. A simple, thin chain with a small pendant looks nice when paired with jeans and sneakers, and with a little black dress and heels. Yes, with silver necklaces, you can wear the same piece with both outfits – it’s that versatile! Some silver pendants allow you to proudly display your astrological sign, your favorite type of gemstone, or the religious symbol of your choice. You can also eschew the standard pendant and just wear a simple chain. 

No matter your personal style, you should have no trouble at all finding a piece of silver jewelry to fit your needs and complement your outfit. Whether you want to wear a bracelet, a pendant on a chain, a set of earrings or a ring – or one of each – you’ll have plenty to pick from! 

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Some chains can simply make you stand out from the crowd – Miami Cuban link chains are one of them. They are thicker than standard chains, and are made of substantial pieces of gold that are interlocked in a unique pattern that almost resembles herringbone. The style was popularized by Miami-area rappers (hence the name of the chain style and pattern) but it can be worn by just about anyone, as long as you style it correctly.

Various Lengths of Miami Cuban Link Chains

Unlike some necklaces that only come in standard 18-inch and 20-inch lengths, Miami Cuban link chains are available in a variety of them. You have your choice of 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40-inch chains. This means that no matter how big your neck is, or how far down you want your chain to hang, there is one available for you. Some of the longer lengths can even be doubled up for maximum impact.

Pick Your Favorite Style
Do you prefer white gold or yellow gold? Maybe rose gold? How about encrusted in tiny pave’ diamonds? Miami Cuban link chains are available in all of these, from 10K to 14K gold. While most of the thicker widths (those 3 millimeters and up) are marketed towards men, this does not mean that women are limited to only the 2.5 millimeter ones. Anyone can pull them off – all that you need is a little confidence – so feel free to choose the best ones that suit your personal taste and style.

How to Style Your Miami Cuban Link Chain

Due to the thickness of the metal, Miami Cuban link chains can make many other pieces of jewelry look insubstantial. This means that you should either wear it alone around your neck, or looped alongside several other similar chains. Earrings may get lost in the “shuffle,” unless they are large as well. However, you can get away with wearing rings, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry, whether or not the metal matches. (The rule on wearing only yellow gold with other yellow gold items – and so on – went out the window a long time ago.)

As far as clothing is concerned, you can wear a Miami Cuban link chain with just about anything. It will look nice with a tailored suit for men, or a skirt suit for women. You can wear one with your club gear, that designer sweat suit that you lounge around in, your casual outfits and, really, anything else that you can think of. The outfits that you can wear a Miami Cuban link chain with are as versatile as the style of the chains themselves.

Miami Cuban link chains are guaranteed to turn heads, so be prepared for some attention when you’re wearing them, no matter what you’ve chosen to wear with one. Their versatility makes the price well worth it, and you should find yourself reaching for your chain on a daily basis. Your biggest problem may be choosing just which one(s) to buy! 

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