Monday, July 27, 2015

Simple and Traditional CZ Earrings

Cubic Zirconia, also known in its shortened form as CZ, gets a bad rap. Many people associate it with “cheap” jewelry that is designed and sold for kids and tweens. However, that is wrong. In reality, cubic zirconia is an affordable alternative to diamonds, with all of the sparkle that goes along with them – but without the high price tag. It can be set into many different types of jewelry from bracelets to necklaces, but CZ earrings are the most popular. 

The Basics of CZ
Unlike diamonds, rubies and other precious and semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia is man-made in a laboratory. It does resemble diamonds and other gemstones once it has been polished and cut, and it comes in many different colors, the most popular of which is clear and colorless. In fact, because a CZ is man-made, they are often completely colorless, unlike most diamonds, which even when considered the utmost of quality, rarely look as perfect. (For the record, other colors of CZ include black, purple, green, pink, golden brown, red and shades of yellow and orange.) CZ is made from zirconium dioxide, and once it is in its “mineral” state it is almost as hard as a diamond.

CZ Stud Earrings
The most popular style of CZ earrings is that of studs. To put it simply, these are earrings that don’t dangle from the earlobes. Instead, stud earrings consist of one or more stones set flush with a small post and a backing attached. These earrings are very traditional and simple, and can be worn just about anywhere and with anything. They are not flashy – even when the CZs consist of multiple carats, and can be worn to work, the grocery store and everywhere in between. Even men can wear a CZ earring of this type in the workplace.

Round or Square-Stoned CZ Earrings
Once you’ve decided to buy a pair of CZ earrings, the next question is: round or square-cut stones? Both are equally stylish, and the decision comes down to preference, more than anything else. A round-cut CZ, when set into a backing of 14K yellow or white gold, is the more classic of the two. However, a square-cut (also known as princess cut) set of CZ earrings is just as simple, albeit slightly more modern.
Once you’ve chosen the cut, the next choice is the size. Cubic zirconia are sold based on carat size, just like precious gemstones. The color of the stone (clear and black are the most traditional, and they match everything in your closet) and the color of the metal (either white or yellow 14K gold) are the decisions that you’ll need to make. The best part? Due to the price of CZ earrings, you don’t have to choose just one pair! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Silver Chains: Classic and Unforgettable

When it comes to jewelry, platinum and gold get all of the attention while metals like silver get overlooked. Despite the lack of flashiness, and its reputation as a less-expensive, less-trendy metal, silver should not be forgotten. A simple silver chain, pendant necklace, or other piece of jewelry is a classic alternative to the trendier pieces, and can truly be worn with everything at every time.

Types of Silver Chains
There are as many different type of sterling silver chains as there are gold ones, perhaps even more so. Silver chains can be designed for either men or women, with the thickness and link pattern providing the main difference between the two. Men’s silver chains are thicker and the links are closer together. Good examples of this are the Byzantine style and the Miami Cuban link chains. On the other hand, women’s silver chains are thinner and more “dainty.” Popular women’s styles include the mesh link and the twisted rope styles. However, one exception to this rule is the flat omega style of chain – these are made of flat, thick links placed right up against one another – but they are distinctly feminine at the same time. All that matters is that whether they are for men or women, these silver chains come in a variety of lengths, making it easy to find the best one for your needs.

Mix Your Metals
Silver is a metal that can easily be combined with others, in particular, gold. Silver chains with gold accents, or alternating links, provide a bit of both worlds, or “yin and yang” to your jewelry. These necklaces have the coolness of the silver and the warmth of the gold at the same time, and match all of your other pieces – after all, a gold ring and a silver pair of earrings both go with a chain made of both metals. One great example of this is a two-tone necklace with alternating fancy cut links of rose gold and sterling silver. 

Add a Some Pearls
Nothing says “preppy” like a simple pearl necklace – but a pearl necklace with sterling silver accents? That’s more “classic” than anything else. The addition of the metal adds a little dimension, turning the necklace into something that is both timeless and versatile. Or, if you like more silver and less pearls, a long knotted silver chain with two single pearls dangling from the ends might be more your speed. This particular necklace works well with a casual outfit, like leggings and a long top, but it can work with a dress as well, provided the neckline doesn’t get in the way. No matter what, wear your silver chain with pride! 

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to Wear Miami Cuban Link Chains

Miami Cuban link chains are the most popular type of chain in the United States. This popularity stems from its versatility. Yes, this rope-like men's chain, which is made of thinner links arranged in such a way as to make them look thicker, can be worn on any number of occasions and with everything from a suit and tie to your most casual outfit.

Everyday Work Wear
No matter the type of metal a Miami Cuban link chain is made out of – yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver or platinum – it can be worn with a suit and tie, a pair of khakis and a polo-style shirt, or whatever else it is that you wear to work. This type of chain will go with every type of work-wear, and will show your co-workers that you mean business. 

Special Occasions
Nothing goes better with a tuxedo (complete with vest and tie) than a Miami Cuban link chain with some inset diamonds. Due to the style of the links, it’s easy to add some pave’ diamond detailing to a platinum or yellow gold chain, elevating what would be a simple chain into something worthy of a very special occasion. Match your watch and cufflinks to your chain, or go with a different type of metal – either way, the results will be striking! 

Casual Looks
Jeans and t-shirt? A pair of shorts and a short-sleeved, polo-style shirt? Check and check – your Miami Cuban link chain can be worn with both of these looks and more! When wearing a casual outfit, make sure to wear a shorter chain, or even one that’s slightly thinner, as it won’t detract as much from the clothing itself. Longer and thicker chains are more formal, and are best saved for that tuxedo, as described above.

For Women
Yes, women can wear Miami Cuban link chains as well. Despite their macho-sounding name, thinner chains will nicely complement a work outfit, such as a suit, or either a cocktail-style or long formal dress. Miami Cuban link chains for women are very similar to their male-designed counterparts, but their thinner profile makes them slightly more feminine – and another reason as to why these chains are so popular throughout the country.

Because of the extreme versatility of Miami Cuban link chains, they make great gifts for both men and women. You can choose the type of metal (everything from yellow gold to platinum to sterling silver) and the length of the chain, both of which are easy to fit into every budget. You really can’t go wrong! carries most of Miami Cuban link chains available on the market today including different sizes, gold type and budget!