Monday, November 9, 2015

All About November’s Birthstone: Citrine

Every month has a birthstone, and November’s just happens to be citrine. The citrine is a yellowish-gold stone that is believed to have many different meanings and healing powers. On top of this, it can be made into many different types of jewelry, from rings to pendants. Unlike opal, which is believed to put a “jinx” on you if you wear it and it isn’t your birthstone, there is no such superstition about citrine. This means that no matter which month you were born in, you can wear jewelry made from it!

Citrine Basics
Citrine is a type of quartz. Quartz is a crystal that is quite abundant in the earth; it can be found in many different colors, all of which depend on its particular chemical composition. Some semi-precious stones fall into the quartz category. These include citrine, amethyst, carnelian, agate, jasper, tiger’s eye, onyx and chalcedony. Although quartz crystals have some industrial uses, the aforementioned varieties are primarily used in jewelry.

The citrine is normally a pale yellow color, but it can range from orange to brown to greenish-yellow and even gold. When the stone is cut properly and set into a pendant, ring, or other piece of jewelry, it can look a lot like a topaz. However, citrine and topaz differ in hardness, making it easy to tell them apart on that level. For the most part, citrine is found in Brazil and Spain, but it is mined in other parts of the world, as well.
Healing Powers and Other Meanings
Some New Age believes compare the citrine to the power of the sun. That is, it holds warmth and positive energy, and can make negative energy dissipate back into the atmosphere. The citrine can also help clear your mind, increase your self-esteem, and physically, improve your digestion. On a non-New Age level, the citrine is a traditional gift for a 13th anniversary.

Citrine Jewelry
Citrine jewelry is very popular and although citrine is considered a semi-precious gemstone, when cut properly, it looks amazing and can be pricey – but not as expensive as precious stones, like diamonds. For example, an 18 carat citrine set into a 14 karat gold ring with diamond accents costs around $2,600.00. When you compare that to the cost of an 18 carat diamond, the citrine looks affordable! Other excellent uses for the citrine include earrings (both dangling styles, as well as single stud ones), pendants, and even bracelets. Like the example above, citrine is usually used as the primary stone, with accents of diamonds and either sterling silver or gold settings.
Whether or not your birthday is in November, you can wear citrine jewelry. However, if you were born in this eleventh month, then you no doubt have an affinity for the gemstone.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Celebrate Your Loved One’s October Birthday with Her Birthstone: Tourmaline

October is known for many things: Halloween and Columbus Day are two that come to mind. Others include the weather changing to cooler temperatures, the leaves beginning to fall from the trees after changing colors, and, of course, tourmaline gemstone jewelry. Yes, tourmaline – the birthstone for those born in October. This gemstone is available in several colors, all of which fit this month of autumn perfectly.

About Tourmaline
Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone. This puts it in the same category as garnets, peridots, aquamarines and tanzanite, among others. These stones are more commonly found in nature, and thus are priced slightly lower than other, more precious gemstones like emeralds, rubies and diamonds. However, it is just as beautiful, if not more so, than these precious stones.
Tourmalines come in a number of different colors, but the most common is a deep purple-red. Other options include black (known as shorl), brown (davite) and deep blue, shades of green, yellow, and colorless. The color of the tourmaline depends on the levels of sodium iron within it. Interestingly, tourmaline also is known to have magnetic and pyroelectric properties, as the stone attracts and repels recently burned ashes.
The stone is found in several different places throughout the world, including the United States (most notably in Maine), Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania and Afghanistan.

Tourmaline Jewelry
Tourmaline jewelry comes in many different styles, including rings, earrings and necklaces. Often it is paired with other gemstones, such as diamonds. Since it is a semi-precious stone, tourmaline rings, even those surrounded by tiny, inset diamonds, are a more affordable option than other dual-stone rings. However, they are no less beautiful. One good example of this is a 5-carat tourmaline stone, set into an 18 karat yellow gold setting and surrounded by several carats worth of small diamonds.
Other jewelry made from tourmalines include necklaces featuring a semi-polished version of the stones. These are left “uncut” and closely resemble their natural form, as opposed to the highly polished sort found in rings and pendants. Since tourmalines are found in so many different colors, these types of multi-strung necklaces are striking when seen in person!

How to Wear Tourmaline
Unlike other birthstones, opal, for example, that are bad luck to wear if they aren’t your birthstone (for the record, opal is also October’s birthstone), tourmaline can be worn by anyone, no matter what month they were born. A beautiful tourmaline ring pendant goes perfectly with everything from work clothing to a pair of jeans and some boots, as well as evening wear, making it a very versatile and interesting piece. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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