The watch that you choose to wear speaks volumes, sometimes even without you noticing it. The type of band, the size of the face, and the brand of the watch are all important when you’re trying to make that very important first impression. Because of this, your watch should be of good quality, and should be cared for properly. 

There are several different types of quality watches on the market. These include manual watches, which need to be wound in order for them to keep proper time; self-winding watches, which use gravity and arm movements to keep them wound; automatic watches, which use a quartz movement; and solar watches, which, as the name implies, require a certain amount of daylight in order to work properly. Most high-end watches fall into the self-winding and automatic categories, which is why they – and in turn, you – can benefit from a watch winder.

Watch Winder Basics
An Orbita watch winder takes care of your watch while you aren’t wearing it. A watch winder has a tiny mechanism that keeps the attached watch moving in a small lateral circle, as if it were on your wrist. This keeps the quartz movement of your watches, or its self-winding mechanism, constantly in motion and in peak form. If you allow your quality watches to sit unused for long periods of time, their mechanical innards can atrophy, and the lubricant that keeps all of those tiny pieces moving can congeal. In short, you’ll be left with a watch that doesn’t keep very good time or one that doesn’t work at all. 

Types of Watch Winders
When you go to purchase a watch winder, you’ll find that there are several different types to choose from. Some are battery powered, while others have a small cord that plugs into a wall socket. When deciding between these two different types, keep in mind the place that you’d like to keep your watch winder. Is there an electric socket nearby, or will you need to use an extension cord? If the answer is the latter, you might be better off with a battery powered model.
Size matters as well. While most Orbita watch winders are designed for nearly universal use, as far as watches are concerned, take the time (no pun intended) to ensure that your watches are compatible with it. You might also need a watch winder that can care for more than one watch at a time. In this case, you’ll need to find one that not only fits the d├ęcor in your bedroom, but that can wind two or more watches at once. 

 Watch Winders and Cases
The style of watch winder that you choose is just as important as the watch itself. Some winders have a built in case or drawer that pulls open or slides out, allowing you to store your watches in a dust-free place when they are not in use.
 As you can see, a watch winder is very important, especially when you have a series of quality watches that you wear on a regular basis. You’ll need one in order to keep your watches working properly. is an official retailer of Orbita watch winders and accessories. Please check our great selection of the latest Orbita products! 

Diamonds are one of the most traditional engagement ring stones. The precious gemstones themselves have attracted many celebrity admirers and jewelry collectors, and inspired such quotations as Mae West’s, “I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond.”While popular advertisements might only show one color of diamond – clear, transparent and of perfect clarity – they come in many other colors as well, including pink, brown, blue, yellow, and black. Yes, black diamond engagement rings are available on the market, and they are more beautiful than you’d think. 

Black Diamond Basics
Black diamonds are formed in largely the same manner as regular ones – carbon materials left in high pressure locations for thousands of years are pressed and squeezed until the clear, or colored, gemstones are formed. However, the difference lies in the materials that make up the diamonds. Black diamonds contain tiny bits of graphite. That’s what produces the dark colors. (Although “black diamonds” are commonly black in color, the term can refer to those that are light gray and dark gray as well.) Despite the slight difference in chemical makeup, black diamonds have many of the same properties as their clear counterparts, for example, they are just as hard on the Moh’s scale.

The Four C’s
The four C’s of diamond shopping are: color, clarity, cut and carats. The color of the diamond usually refers to how clear it is – with standard diamonds, obviously you want one that is as translucent as possible. However, with a black diamond, that issue is moot, since the stone in the ring that you’re choosing should be as dark as possible. In fact, the darker the stone, the more unique and precious it is. The clarity, which involves any inclusions or impurities in the stone, is viewed a bit differently here as well, since the stone is dark in color, making these things hard to spot. Obviously the cut of the black diamond and the number of carats are the most important, since you want a stone that looks nice and is of a decent size. Since black diamond engagement rings are rare, this is of particular importance – the stone needs to stand out in more ways than one.

Why Choose a Black Diamond Engagement Ring?
If you’re looking for something that will stand out – and help your bride-to-be be fashion forward (colored diamonds are all the rage) then you want to look for a black diamond engagement ring. They are much more unique than standard diamond rings, while still conveying the same “diamonds are love” message. Plus, just like clear diamonds, black goes with everything, making it easier to match her outfit with the ring. She’ll have plenty of chances to show off her engagement ring!
Offering your love a black diamondengagement ring will show her that you think she is special and worthy of something more precious than a standard diamond ring. A diamond certainly is forever, even if the gemstone is dark in color instead of light.

Men’s wedding bands receive far less attention than women’s wedding bands. However, this doesn’t mean that they are any less important. While the most common method of choosing a wedding band for a man involves picking one that matches his new wife’s, that doesn’t always need to be the case – the bands don’t have to match. The sentiment is what matters.
There many different types of men’s wedding bands to choose from and most styles are available in different metals, from sterling silver to titanium. This makes it a bit trickier to pick just the right one, although once you decide whether you want a plain one, a patterned one, or a men’s wedding ring with gemstones, it’s easy to narrow it down. Today, the most popular are mens diamond wedding rings.

Plain Men’s Wedding Bands
Plain wedding bands are just that – plain. They may have an important message, dates or initials engraved on the inside, but the outside is simple and shiny. This type of ring comes in a variety of metals, including sterling silver, white gold, rose gold, standard gold and platinum. No matter the metal, this style of ring is classic and can be worn for years to come without any worries about trendiness or timeliness. These bands are sometimes billed as unisex, since they can be made smaller to fit a woman’s hand, or large to fit on a man’s ring finger. They also tend to be less expensive than the other options. 

Patterned Wedding Bands
A patterned wedding band can either have a design etched or engraved into the outside of it, or it can have a hammered finish. The men’s wedding rings with hammered finishes are good for men with very active, outdoorsy lifestyles or jobs where they work heavily with their hands, since the finish will hide any dents, dings, or imperfections that may appear on the ring over the course of a day or week. Patterns on bands, such as herringbone, add a little personality to an otherwise unadorned wedding ring. They provide a bit of a twist on the classic ring, and tend to be available in various karats and colors of gold.

Men’s Wedding Bands with Gemstones
These wedding bands are the showstoppers. Men’s wedding rings with gemstones usually have dozens of tiny pave’ gemstones set into the outside of the band. They can cover the entire band, or just a portion of it. Small diamonds set in either white gold or platinum are the two most popular varieties of this band, although you may find them in other colors and finishes. The pave’ diamonds can also be set into a specific pattern or shape, or even custom designed to make initials or a date. Either way, these rings are flashier, and more expensive than the simpler styles, because you must pay for both the materials and the craftsmanship.
No matter which type of men’s wedding band you choose – plain, patterned, or adorned with diamonds – the thought and commitment behind it are what matters the most. A wedding ring is meant to last a lifetime, so pick one that you’ll enjoy wearing for the rest of your life.

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