Monday, February 8, 2016

February’s Birthstone: Amethyst

The month of February is typically cold and snowy. This second of twelve months of the year is also known for President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and most importantly – its birthstone, the light purple amethyst. Considered a semiprecious stone, the amethyst can be set into many different types of jewelry, including rings and necklaces. Amethyst gemstone jewelry is very popular among many celebrities and jewelry collectors!

About the Amethyst
Amethysts are usually a very light shade of purple. It’s one of the few gemstones that isn’t naturally found in another color; for example, the sapphire can be many different colors besides its typical blue. This isn’t true for the amethyst – its shade range goes from light purple to deep purple, although in just the right light, you may see a little blue or red “flash” to the stones. Sometimes you may see piece of jewelry marketed as contained a green amethyst. This is incorrect, as these “green amethysts” differ chemically from their purple counterparts and are actually prasiolites, or green quartz. (They are still pretty, however!)
Amethysts are mined in the United States, Brazil, South Korea, Uruguay and Canada. These semiprecious stones have some interesting metaphysical properties, the most prominent of which is its supposed cure for drunkenness. This was one of the prime beliefs of the Ancient Greeks, who carved wine goblets out of large amethysts. The Ancient Egyptians admired amethysts and used them for jewelry, although they did not attribute any special abilities to wearing one.

Amethyst Rings and Bracelets
Due to the clarity and sizes available, the amethyst often either appears alone in rings, or serves as the central stone, surrounded by tiny diamonds or other accent pieces. Both of these types of amethyst rings tend to be powerful statement pieces, as the purple of the stones gives off a unique appearance. These are usually considered to be “cocktail” rings, and can thus be worn on different fingers and for many occasions. Amethyst bracelets usually appear as bangles, set in silver, gold of varying karats, or even platinum. If you really want to make an impression, wear an amethyst bracelet and an amethyst ring on the same arm and hand!

Necklaces and Earrings with Amethyst Accents
Amethyst earrings can either be of the dangle variety, complete with accent stones, such as diamonds, or small studs cut with many facets. In necklaces, however, the amethyst is usually set into a pendant, and strung onto a gold or silver chain. These pendants also can have diamond accents, or the amethysts can be left to stand alone, particularly if they are large and unblemished enough to stand out.
Although amethyst is the official birthstone of people born in the month of February, wearing it certainly isn’t limited to just that segment of the population. If you like this light-purple stone, wear it proudly! You’ll quickly find that your amethyst ring, necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings goes with everything from work-wear to casual outfits. It truly is a versatile gemstone!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Update Your Look With Sophisticated Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is one of the most overlooked ways to add an accessory (or two) to an outfit. This category of jewelry consists of belly rings, eyebrow rings, and labret rings, all of which require a piercing in the appropriate places (the navel or bellybutton, the eyebrow, and below the lower lip, respectively.) The newest styles of body jewelry are nothing like the simple, colorful-yet-juvenile-looking ones of the past. Instead, they feature premium metals and inset gemstones that lend a sophisticated air to this forgotten category of jewelry.

Belly Rings With Style
Unlike other types of piercings, it can be impossible to know if someone has a belly piercing – bedecked with a belly ring – if their navel area is covered up. However, if that person is wearing a cropped shirt, then that piercing is on display, and you need something with a little “flash” to show it off. A belly ring made of 14-karat white gold with a diamond accent will do the trick nicely. Or, if you want something that’s even more stylish, look for a white gold belly ring with a star shaped end, complete with an inset sapphire and a few diamonds. These will definitely add – not detract – from your look!

Add a Little Sparkle with an Eyebrow Ring
Eyebrow rings are hard to miss. They correspond with piercings through the end of the eyebrow (traditionally anyway) and can be shaped like a barbell or have a slight curve. Both of these styles come with decorative points on either end that can be literally triangularly shaped points, or rounded ends with inset cubic zirconia. As far as metals go, you have your choice of 14 karat yellow or white gold.

Different Types of Labret Rings
Like eyebrow rings, labret rings are prominently displayed on your face. The labret piercing is traditionally done in the skin underneath the lower lip. Some people have one placed centrally in this spot, while others may opt for two piercings, one on either side. The ring can either be a small stud that is barely noticeable while in, or a double-sided ring that protrudes above the bottom lip, making a larger impact. The simplest of these, the “stud” variety, are made of 14 karat white or yellow gold, ensuring that you have an easy time matching the rest of your jewelry.
No matter where your piercing (or piercings) may be, don’t forget to wear your body jewelry with pride! It shows off a little of your personality, particularly if it’s made of gold and decorated with gemstones.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Automatic Watch Winder Boxes by Orbita Corporation

Orbita Corporation creates high end products, specializing in motorized watch winders. In twenty

years, they have grown from creating one product to the premiere retailer of watch winders. The founder, Chuck Agnoff, designed the first watch winder because if his watches were not worn for a few days they would stop running and would need to be reset. The first device mimicked the swinging of the wrist as if a person were constantly wearing the watch. The watch-winders move the watches automatically, keeping the time and date set even when left unworn.

Orbita watch winder collections are divided by two leading technologies: rotorwind and programmable. The rotorwind models work like the initial design, mimicking the motion of the wearer’s wrist and swinging an automatic watch. These models only utilize power for a few seconds every eight to twelve minutes, and sustain their lithium battery for years. The programmable winders have a microprocessor, which control the turns per day and the rotation. They can be programmed for cycles of 650, 800, 900, or 1300 turns-per-day and can be moved clockwise, counterclockwise, or with automatic reversing rotation. These operate using a 6VDC battery or a wall adapter.

The rotorwind collection is available in twenty-five configurations, ranging from models that hold and wind a single watch to a collection of forty-eight. The most impressive single rotorwind model is the Sparta Deluxe. The winder is held in a burl or teak finished wooden box. The interior is lined with suede and for the protection of the watches. The Programmable collection comes in ten styles with twenty-one configurations. A premiere single watch configuration is the Cristalo, which features nine winding programs to cover the needs of nearly any mechanical watch. The Cristalo is made primarily of a crystal glass cover that is placed overtop of a mirrored based and a black Lacquer base to which the winding module is mounted. Both the rotorwind and programmable mechanisms are available in the Avanti Series, which allows for up to forty-eight watches to be maintained simultaneously. The Avanti series is the most customizable of the options, with modular cabinets that allow you to create configurations of watches, pens, atomic clocks, jewelry, and coins. These collections are supplemented with an Artisan collection featuring cases styled after internationally know artists, including Dali Birth of the New Man.

Orbita has expanded from their namesake watch winders into watch safes, storage cases, and elegant flashlights. The safe collection includes a solid steel wall safe for six or nine watches with a cushioned suede interior. The storage cases provide a safe and stylish way to transport up to sixteen watches. Orbita’s LED flashlights are available in exotic woods as well as carbon fiber and stainless steel and offer six different light settings. Each flashlight is less than five inches long, making them extremely portable. Orbita is currently the world’s largest producer of fine watch winders and has now used its patented technology to branch into several aspects of luxury watches and accessories.